This or That: Chocolate or Vanilla?

For centuries food lovers have argued about what type of their favorite food is best. New York style or Chicago style pizza? Apples or oranges? Well I am writing today to talk about the biggest debate in ice cream history:




(insert dramatic music)

To be honest, I really don’t know if this is ice cream’s largest debate, but it is definitely a topic that has been argued in the past. Well the people have spoken (27 people to be exact) and I have a small contribution to add to the answer of which flavor is actually better.

First, some quick history: Ice cream was brought over to America in the 1740s. It seems that Thomas Jefferson may have popularized vanilla ice cream by creating his own recipe in the 1780s. Chocolate is much older than vanilla, and the first recorded recipe of chocolate ice cream came from Naples, Italy and was in 1692.

So chocolate may severely surpass vanilla in age, but how does its popularity compare? I surveyed 27 people and the results are in.


So as you can see, double the people favored vanilla over chocolate. This makes me happy because I prefer vanilla over chocolate as well, so glad to know my Facebook friends are on board with me. Vanilla is just so much more versatile! It goes great with any topping, it isn’t too sweet, and I personally think it goes great on other desserts as well without being too overpowering.

I hope you found this edition of “This or That” helpful and there will be more to come! Remember when in doubt, choose vanilla!

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